In 2005, I sat with my life-long friend, Lucy de Castenou, and expressed my quandary over how to bring my multi-layered WordMagic projects out into the world. Lucy has watched my work develop over the years and knows its many diverse components better than anyone else.

She suggested that I take “Horsing Around” – a brief article I’d written and published years before – and turn it into a coffee table book through the use of beautiful photos of horses.

(This was the state of Horsing Around at the time that Lucy suggested I transform it into an illustrated gift book)

While I am the author of this book, Lucy is definitely the creative inspiration behind it and the one who conceived of the cover design. She also provided editorial comments throughout my process of expanding the text to compliment the many amazing images I found. Together, we guided the overall design of the book, which was accomplished for us by Palace Press in San Rafael, California.

It was Lucy who came up with the pun about carrots and carats. This led me on an intense search for a picture of an actual ring of carrots. Lucy then set about to design a beautiful two carrot/carat ring, which we will soon be offering for sale.

Horsing Around is our first creative and commercial collaboration. We have many more savory literary suites of WordMagic to share with you in the coming months and years – all of which are aimed at lifting spirits while raising funds for children in need. By giving this book as a gift to the many people you know, you will be helping to make a positive difference in the lives of loved ones and strangers alike.

Laurel Airica, 2007