Laurel Airica
WordWizard, Performance Artist,
Communications Consultant and Spiritual Counselor

Laurel Airica took to words like a bird to the skies and began her literary flights of fancy early in her life. Particularly enchanted by rhythm and rhyme, palindromes, puns, the glitter of alliteration and other ‘electro-poetic’ linguistic phenomena, she was startled by her first chance encounter with a pun at the age of two; and announced to her parents with absolute certainty at age three or four, “I bet I now know all the words in the English language.”

By six, she was questioning suspiciously the origins of the alphabet. “Who says ABCD?!” she wondered to herself, as there was no one else to whom she could pose such a question. She pictured in her mind’s eye the 26 letters strewn like shells along the See of Consciousness – but doubted that this was their littoral* origin.

Laurel began decoding this symbolic language of the collective unconscious in her early teenage years. Decades later, she wrote a lengthy performance piece entitled, eSoterica, by Laurel Airica, which she assumes to be the definitive exegesis of the letter S in verse.

Over time, she became aware of the rich subtext embedded in the language at the level of symbol (cymbal) and sound. She now believes that language is not merely grammatical but holo-grammatical, as well. She thus contends – and demonstrates in her work – that “using the curiosities of English as a mirror in which to view our own idiosyncratic natures and presumptions of reality is like peering through a magic lens that makes the obvious suddenly visible.”

Laurel expresses her insights in a variety of forms including nonfiction articles, metaphoric fantasies, MetaWhimsical verse and interactive curricula – all geared to various ages and levels of sophistication. Horsing Around is the first of many projects that she intends to make widely available.

When publicly presenting her savory suites of stunning punning – in rhyming and alliterative metaphoric verse – Laurel enjoys incorporating music, movement and visual aids to simultaneously communicate multiple levels of meaning and the innate rhythm and dance of words. At various times, audience members have compared her work to Shakespeare, Mozart, Dame Edith Sitwell and, most recently, M.C. Escher.

In whatever form she writes, Laurel endeavors to convey positive, uplifting and liberating messages in ways that educate and entertain simultaneously. Among her many intentions for her whimsical wordplay is to stimulate logophilia – a love of words in others – and to help young minds become unPenned.

Laurel has worked with youth (from nursery age through teenage), shared her curriculum for Self-discovery with psychology students at Santa Monica High School (Keeping Current with the Life's Dream), and uses WordMagic's Simplistic Linguistic FUNdaMENTALS to enhance language skills, self-esteem and visionary thinking among elementary school students.

Raised in a family of highly literate and accomplished professionals in the visual and musical arts, Laurel received a bachelor's degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley. In 2005, she received a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica – a small private university that attracts students from around the world to its profoundly transformational counseling programs (

Laurel has assisted many hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds and professions to realize and more fully express Soul Purposes in life through her spiritual counseling work. She is currently studying and practicing Soul Medicine – a process developed by psychotherapist Gautama Katzman for facilitating emotional healings and spiritual awakenings simultaneously.

Laurel also works as a communications consultant for visionary people with companies and projects that are focused on making a positive difference in the world. For information about her counseling and communications services, please visit

*Littoral: On or near the shore of a lake, sea or ocean. Literal: Of or pertaining to the letters of the alphabet; the strict meaning of a word; actual or factual.