Lucy de Castenou
High Fashion, Home and Furniture Designer
& Creative Collaborator on Horsing Around

Lucila del Carmen de Castenou was born into a large, creative family in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. Inspired by her mother and aided by her older sisters she began making her own clothes and styling her own hair at an early age and enjoyed playing at interior design the way some young girls play house with dolls.

Hair Fashion: Shortly after immigrating with her family to the United States at the age of 17, Lucy was spotted for her talent with her own hair while strolling past a high-end beauty salon in Beverly Hills. With the salon owner’s encouragement she attended cosmetology school – where she rapidly received recognition and awards for her outstanding natural talent.

Soon, Lucy was working for Gene Shacove, the Hollywood icon and hairstylist to the stars who was portrayed by Warren Beatty in the Robert Towne movie, Shampoo. Many of her clients would go to great lengths to ensure that Lucy was available to prepare their hair for large events and would accept no one else in her pace. On several occasions clients reported stopping strangers on the street in a town in which they were traveling to find out who in the local area had styled their hair so beautifully. The answer came back each time – ‘My friend Lucy in Beverly Hills.’

Homes & High Fashion: From designing hair and make-up Lucy turned her creative spirit and business savvy to buying, transforming and re-selling homes in Beverly Hills.

Later, while visiting an international community of artists in India, she began transforming leather and beads into belts, handbags and jewelry. Within 18 months of beginning this project her beautiful accessories were on display at Saks 5th Avenue and other fine stores across the country.

Clothing Designs: In 1990, Lucy opened the doors on Lucy de Castenou – her exclusive couture shop on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills. Since that time she has been dressing celebrities, royalty and dignitaries in everything from strictly practical business attire to stunning evening gowns.

By combining distinctive elements from various eras – in the world’s most exclusive and exquisite natural fabrics – Lucy is able to create timeless classics that stay fresh for years. This year, for the first time, she is introducing her line of prêt-à-porter along with her bridal collection.

Beauty & Wardrobe Consultant: Lucy’s clients are always eager to have her apply her creative magic for bringing out the beauty of their face and form through make-up tips, hair styling and high fashion.

Toward that end, she is writing a book to reveal the secrets she has imparted for years to the women from around the world who have made her shop a destination point – How to Dress Like a Millionaire and Make Your Wardrobe an Investment.™ With the insights she provides in this book, readers will be able to assemble and maintain a moderately-priced wardrobe that will allow them to remain in fashion for years to come wherever they go and on every occasion.

Furniture Designs: In 1997, Lucy began designing wood furniture in the country French and English styles with her daughter, Samantha McClure. Since its inception, Redford House ( has been serving major clients throughout the world.

Antiques du Monde ( is another of Lucy’s successful ventures in providing beautiful furnishings for home and office. She and her partners find the rare treasures they offer through their travels in Europe and around the United States.

WordMagic Global: In 2006, Lucy collaborated with writer and long-time friend, Laurel Airica, to form WordMagic Global ( – a company that will be offering books, CDs, cards and clothing that communicate positive, insightful and uplifting messages through humorous, provocative wordplay and verse. Horsing Around, The Inside Word on Marriage and Horses is their premiere offering. (

* * *

Lucy’s creative capacities and business endeavors really know no bounds. So discerning are her eyes and clever her hands that she once watched a person play a song on the piano and then duplicated the pattern of his fingers on the keyboard to reproduce the music – without prior training.

Similarly, with just a few months of training in sculpting, she was producing works of exceptional artistry that were selected for display in the school’s art gallery. She is also a landscape artist – both with paint on canvas and in the gardens of the homes she buys and remodels to rent or sell.

Though the areas in which she expresses her creative genius are highly varied, Lucy’s intentions are always the same: to enhance the beauty and lift the spirit of every head, heart and mind she touches with her artistry. Now, through her WordMagical collaboration with Laurel, Lucy’s love will touch many more lives. For a portion of the profits from all their endeavors will go to nonprofits that help children in need.