Horsing Around:
The Inside Track on Love & Marriage
Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

What do you get when you mix horseplay with wordplay? A beautiful coffee table book of equine photography and a running, punning commentary that illustrates the link in our language between marriage and horses and the abiding power of love.

Horsing Around: The Inside Word on Marriage and Horses was designed to delight “horse lovers, word lovers, and human lovers on the verge of matrimony.” Written and assembled by writer, poet and wordplay performance artist Laurel Airica, Horsing Around makes it perfectly clear that when it comes to speaking of love, we’re still joined at the hip to our equine companions.

Speaking of Love is the title of the introductory essay to this elegant 100+-page gift book that belongs in the hands of every groom-to-be as he prepares to bridal his beloved. Horsing Around also makes the ideal bridal shower gift because it gently rinses away all fanciful notions of marriage as “one long, blissful roll in the hay.”

But you don’t have to be a member of the horsey set or bridal party to enjoy Horsing Around. Word-lovers, too, will find in this book a whole new way of playing with words. In ‘Writing English—and Jumping to Some New Conclusions,’ the AfterWord to Horsing Around, readers will be transported to “a surreal world in which words speak for themselves and tell us who we think we are.” As the author explains,

“Actually, we live in this whirled of back-talking words all the time. It’s just that we’re really not all hear and so rarely pay atTension to the secondary commentary bubbling up from the running stream of verbal burble that goes babbling through our minds and pouring out in every conversation.”

Full of warmth, wit and animal husbandry, Horsing Around and “Writing English...” will amuse, delight and uplift readers with its fabulous photographs and down-to-earth messages about what’s really required to fully enjoy a stable relationship.

The author’s ultimate message comes down to LOVE, which – as she illustrates in her final remarks – not only makes the ‘whorled’ go round but can itself be turned around to reveal the beginning of the word EVOLve.

Airica—who holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and likes describing herself as a ‘distinguished English linguist’ – believes we’re all here on Earth to evolve our capacity to love. She offers as evidence the fact that the words EARTH and HEART are near-identical twins, differing only in the position of the letter H. She ends by saying,

“It is easy to conclude from all of this wordplay that the purpose of Life on Earth is not to get ahead of everybody else in the human race but to get a heart full love to share with each other. For like marriage and horses, LIFE is an unstable gambol. And only love has the horsepower to keep us in the race.”

If you or someone you know is thinking about getting hitched then pick up a copy of Horsing Around and discover what it takes to turn a “romp down the bridal path into a galloping success.” And for those who love Riding/Writing English, Horsing Around: The Inside Word on Marriage and Horses—will take you on a wild adventure that will change the way you look at words forever.

Horsing Around retails for $32 with 10% of profits going to children’s charities. It is available at www.horsingaroundthebook.com. Or call: 877.562.6440.

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